DECEPTION #1: I can quit whenever I would like

Perhaps you could, perhaps you can’t more likely you are unable to. But this is just a justification to keep drinking. The realisation is you don’t want to stop. Say to yourself that you simply can give up at any time is tends to make you feel  as you can manage your drinking , regardless of all the evidence towards the contrary. In spite of the damage that is being  done for your physique as well as your close Alcohol_Addiction_by_hasenfurzrelationships.

DECEPTION #2: My consuming is a problem for me, but nobody is affected, I am only hurting myself.

The reality is the decision to keep up consuming is your decision. But fundamentally you’re playing the deception card. If In the event you think you’re not hurting people around you you’re quite mistaken. Alcoholism affects families, and close relationships, in brief, your issue is anyone close to you.

DECEPTION #3 : I only drink on weekends, consequently can’t be an alcoholic, and I only drink wine or beer so I can’t possibly be an alcoholic can I?

Alcoholism isn’t defined by everything you drink, what time you consume it, or actually how much you consume. It’s the impact of the consumption of alcohol has on you, that defines an issue. If drinking causes you or the people about you  a problem-if you’re consuming daily or only at weekends, drinking, rough cider or vintage Bollinger, the results are the same and when those effects are problematic for you have  a problem with alcohol.

DECEPTION #4: I’m able to hold down a Job so I can’t be an alcoholic can I?

You don’t need to be a homeless drinker to become an alcoholic. Numerous people with liquor problem managed to carry down work, provide for their households and get to school. Irrespective of your status as a high functioning alcoholic it doesn’t mean you are not placing yourself in danger or other people.

DECEPTION #5: Alcohol is not a drug

Alcohol is definitely a drug, actually  it is every bit as harmful as any drug addiction. Alcoholics undergo a physical withdrawal once they stop consuming much like each other drug consumer.


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