Legal highs made convicted armed robber a online millionaire?

This week the tabloid newspapers reported, that a convicted armed robber had been taunting prison guards, by saying that he has become a millionaire through the sale of legal highs, on a website that he has developed. Whether this is fact is hard to determine, legal_highs_eleos counselling blog websitebut it is thought that Craig “lazie” Lynch, the prisoner in question, had access to a smart phone.

What is noteworthy is outside of the prison environment Craig “lazie” Lynch, could easily become a millionaire from the sale of legal highs, and it is only the fact that prisoners are not allowed uncontrolled access to the web, would stop him.

The point missing in this story is the sale of legal highs are on the increase, through such things as the Internet. Indeed, it’s hard to control any e-commerce, which the tragic story of the young girl who died from taking slimming pills,which were  laden with a dangerous drug ,exemplifies.

The fact that legal highs have never been tested, and the physiological and psychological impact on the mind and the body of the user, has neither been researched nor documented.

Effectively, this is what happens, a chemist takes a psychoactive drug, such as cocaine replaces a molecule, in the chemical structure of the drug, and bingo we have a new drug, this new chemical compound is then manufactured, somewhere like China and it is imported into the country as “plant food” and marked up not for human consumption. The effects of removing a molecule from a complex drug like cocaine and replacing it with something else are unknown. Fundamentally, the effects of cocaine are well documented, people have used cocaine for hundreds, if not thousands of years in one form or another. What is not known is the effects of this new chemical compound, brought into the country as “plant food”.

There has been many reports of people having psychotic incidences whilst on the influence of so-called legal highs. Quite literally taking illegal high is like playing Russian roulette with your mental health. Long-term effects of these drugs are not known as they are relatively new. Certainly the effects of drugs like methedrone or meow meow are now known, and this is now on the illegal drug register.


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Research confirms the mental health effects of skunk marijuana

A long-term study,(six years)which is  due to be published in the Lancet psychiatry confirmsjointjpg that long-term use of skunk marijuana can have lasting effects on mental health. The study addressed what is described as first episode psychosis and concluded that this is strongly reliant on the type of cannabis used. The research investigators established there was little or no harm to mental health, if low potency hash or block, cannabis is used, even if the use is daily.

The report concluded that the risk increased significantly, if the skunk marijuana is used. These findings confirm what is already thought that there is a strong association with the frequent use skunk marijuana and psychosis.

For those who are not in the know, skunk marijuana is a term applied to select plants which are high levels of THC; the active ingredient in Skunk marijuana. Skunk marijuana, which normally grown in legally, using hydroponic cultivation, and matured, under artificial lights.

Researchers have concluded that a THC level in skunk marijuana is 15% percent higher than normal block hash or cannabis.

The research showed that those who smoke skunk marijuana every day are up to 5 times more likely to suffer with psychosis ,compared to those who do not use the recreational drug.

It is estimated that some 60,000 people in Britain are living with a mental health condition. This can be greatly worsened by smoking skunk marijuana.  The report concluded that the smoking of this potent strain of marijuana could possibly be accountable for up to quarter of new cases psychosis, paranoia and schizophrenia.

This research backs up a study carried out in Switzerland using functional magnetic resonance imaging machines, concluded that skunk marijuana alters the size of  a vital area of the brain, the amygdala; thought to be the centre of all emotions.

This research goes alongside the fact that some states in America have deregulated skunk marijuana, making it legal.

The true effect of this potent form of marijuana will only be really realised in maybe two or three generations time, when there is a notable is Spike in the levels of psychosis schizophrenia paranoia in the younger generation.