Never Assume

Anger management_There’s an old saying that assumption makes an ass out of you and me. Assumption is something we all do, and often we will assume that instructions are understood, particularly when these are important. This could be a deadline on an important job or simply instructions on how to get to a place.
The word diligent implies someone who is methodical, scrupulous, arduous industrious and hard-working. If you are diligent, then when you do give instructions you would check to make sure that the person receiving the instructions has made a note of them. Certainly, if they haven’t made notes, you should be concerned.
The untrained and the indifferent tend to trust their memory with almost everything. But a good note is better than the best memory.
Furthermore, if you feel that someone is not taking what you’re saying seriously enough to write down the important points this can signal problems.
Regardless of the intentions being good, in their confusion and busyness or even, self-importance your instructions can easily be forgotten. A tip to bear in mind those who are actually listening to you will often ask questions about the work Or importance of the thing you’ve asked them to do, often asking for a deadline.
An interesting example is when you’ve asked for somebody to telephone someone on your behalf, they should automatically ask you If there is a time limit and when you want a report back on what they have discussed, Furthermore, how should they report back to you. If that kind of questions is not the first thing, you hear, then trusting that person to do that particular piece of work would be an assumption which could lead you to become in quite upset.
Half-hearted is often preceded by the word “try.”
Assumption, can often lead to you becoming frustrated and angry at the person you’ve asked to do a specific task or job, giving clear instructions on what you require reduces any form of assumption; Furthermore, mis- messages or confusing instructions can often lead to misinterpreted.

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Anger Management 


New Year’s resolution??






At this time a year, most people make New Year’s resolutions I wonder if you’ve made any? American author and speaker on the topics of leadership, culture, sales, and teamwork Jon Gordon. Starts his year with a couple that you may like to include in your New Year’s resolutions. The first one is to stay positive; if you have a habit of listening to critics and believe that everything is impossible this could be a fundamental problem. Gordon also asks this himself a question today what my purposes is? Gordon suggests that you take a morning walk keeping in mind the things you’ve got to be grateful for, suggesting that this creates a fertile ground for success. Gordon, suggest you can’t be stressed and be thankful at the same time. Gordon also recommends that you take physical exercise give yourself a boost of energy. Indeed, there is evidence to support that light exercise in of itself is better than antidepressants.

Gordon also endorses that you take the time to mentor someone or indeed be mentored by someone. Furthermore, Gordon supports that you implement a mood of “no complaining” commenting that complaining is rather like being sick or vomiting; after you have done this you feel better, but people around you also feel ill.

For your self-development well-being, Gordon suggests that you read more than you did last year, get more rest than you did last year, suggesting that you can’t substitute sleep with a can of energy drink. Gordon also suggests that thinking of your mind as a garden, weeding the negative feeling the positive.