Removing the log-jams in your life

Eleos counselling blog_logjams_of lifeSelf examination

One of the character strengths you will often notice that successful people have is their approach to life in general. So how do you improve your approach to life? First, you need to assess where you are at this very moment. This could take some time. Depending on yourself awareness you may find this quite difficult. The trick here is to look at yourself as others see you; separating yourself from the way you feel about yourself; a difficult task indeed for some.

The goal here is not to be ultra critical of yourself, it is to have clarity about how you really are, and how others experience you, with the goal of making positive changes to the way you think.

When professional lumberjacks discover a log-jam, whenever they are trying to transport logs down a river. There will often climb the largest and tallest tree beside the river, so they can have a greater overlook of the problem and find the log which is jamming up the rest. Fundamentally, what they are looking for is the one log that is creating the jam. Once the lumberjack’s   remove the log that is Holding back the rest or the “key-log”, the rest of the logs can flow down the river. Nevertheless, an inexperienced lumberjack could spend hours, if not days trying to move logs around and not move the jam.

The point here is, you don’t have to necessarily change everything about you,  or all your thinking at once; just a few ways your thinking need’s to be readjusted.

Like the logs, once you remove the log-jam in your life, your life will flow in the right direction.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

How do you feel about yourself?

What do you think causes the greatest problems when you’re dealing with others?

What negative thinking constantly controls your mindset.

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