Eleos counselling is a counselling service based in West Sussex, UK. Founded by psychotherapists/ Counsellor Tony Larkin, its primary feet_logo_LEAFLETethos is to offer affordable counselling to people who are in emotional distress. Eleos counselling uses a integrative model based  on humanistic  principles.

Eleos counselling was founded primarily to help people find a better way of living. Eleos counselling has helped people overcome addictions, from alcohol, cocaine, crack cocaine, MDMA, and skunk marijuana, legal highs, eating disorders, Eleos counselling also works with clients who have PTSD, body dysmorphic, depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss.

The Eleos counselling blog was set up to inform people of newsworthy items, which affects mental health.

Eleos is ancient Greek for the word compassion, but the literal rendering of the word means to walk in the suffering of another. We believe that perfectly encapsulates the type of therapy offered at Eleos counselling.





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