A new look at relationships?

If modern soap operas are anything to go by, and if as we think of them as our window on our own lives and the lives of others. A week does not seem to go by in soap land before there is some form of infidelity.

Moreover, faithfulness in marriage and the idea of having a faithful eleos counselling blog_a new look at relationshipsmarriage is being challenged not only by the media, soap operas but also in popular culture. We often see portrayed in the press, and the entertainment industry that the idea of infidelity is an enjoyable game for two but, unfortunately, there is a downside.

Often, when the affair has run its course, and the realisation of  the pain and suffering it has caused not only to the two people involved in the relationship but also the individuals who are left at home, the ones who love them and depend on them.

Let’s look at what marriage can mean. After the initial thrill, the couple settled down to the mundane things of life, the cooking and cleaning the earning a living often people will think the grass is greener. But this lawn has to be regularly cut as well.

Often, when one is dating we see the best of each other, but the realisation of marriage and getting on with each other can be an irritating experience, often like those annoying habits were the same things irritated you when you’re with your ex-wife or ex-husband now irritate you with your new partner.

Often you hear discontent people saying that marriage feels confining; often an individual will rile against this, moving from one relationship to another, in a confused and often vain attempt at finding an answer, to a question they often don’t know.


The challenge here is instead of looking for the right person, finding the right person to the person you have in front of you. One of the surprises can often be finding the qualities you’re looking for in the person you’re actual with you fell in love with a long time ago. Very often the qualities have always been there, but you’ve chosen to overlook them.


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